Research environment comwpc

Together with Alexandr Sokolov from Bauman's University, we develop a platform which helps ease common research routines such as managing research data, controlling simulations, logging daily progress, creating simple reports and meeting notes, etc. It consists of a web-application, named comwpc, a library for constructing complex coarse-grained algorithms and planning simulations, named comsdk, and a set of database schemes organising the proper functioning of the platform. It is a joint project being the next generation of GCAD and including my previous attempts to the problem of task organisation, namely research-organizer and resappserver. We believe that the platform may be of interest for researchers working on numerical simulations and extensively using the remote machines for their computations.

The web-application is written on Python using Django as a web-framework. The library comsdk was originally written in C++, but is rewritten in Python and significantly extended compared to the C++ version. Our databases are managed by postgresql. In essence, the library comsdk implements the ideas of GBSE (graph-based software engineering) and applies them to the graph models whose edges may be distributed on different machines. It cares not only about simple process runs, but also about data moving and dumping the current state of computations.